“Our potential lies between

what is and what could be”

- Kim Butler

In posse - Possibilities aplenty

In Posse literally means ‘being in possibility’ or having the ‘potential to exist’. It represents our belief in the inherent boundless potential of each individual, and the infinite possibilities available to every organization by way of optimum utilization of these potential.

At In Posse, we believe that every human being has infinite potential - all one needs to do is discover, channelize and optimize on the positive core that is within. Our efforts are directed at identifying opportunities and facilitating the growth of this potential for individuals, groups and organizations.

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Personal and professional transformation
  • Transformational coaching
  • Process work/sensitivity training in groups
  • Team building/development
  • Jharokha – coaching program for young adults

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Leadership effectiveness
  • Leadership development/coaching
  • Enhancing diversity in leadership (women, people with special needs, representatives of LGBTQ and other diverse section of society)
  • Competency assessments and developments
  • Communications/Interpersonal relationships
  • Experiential soft skill trainings

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Organization Development
  • Developing vision, mission and values
  • Culture building
  • Developing and strengthening Strategy, systems and structures
  • Facilitation of Employee engagement initiatives

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Diversity and Inclusion
  • Inclusive and safe work spaces for people of diverse nature
  • Facilitation, support and participating (external membership in ICC) in execution of POSH Act 2013
  • Sensitization, Training on POSH Act 2013.

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Social Change Facilitation
  • Training, OD, Coaching, Mentoring and facilitation of leadership, team building, change management and effectiveness.
  • Rights based approach into training and policy influence
  • Reviews and evaluations of projects and programs
  • Action Based Qualitative research and studies
  • Developing and supporting programs under corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

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