Leadership effectiveness

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Leadership effectiveness

‘In Posse’ helps leaders make personal transformation to role model the change by actively engaging, highlighting and celebrating achievements and success. Building competency and commitment in the teams is key means to reach their effectiveness.

Our leadership effectiveness offerings include:
  1. Leadership development/coaching
  2. Enhancing diversity in leadership (women, people with special needs, representatives of LGBTQ and other diverse section of society)
  3. Competency assessments and developments
  4. Communications/Interpersonal relationship
  5. • Experiential soft skill trainings

Our leadership work involves men, women, other gender, people with disability and all other diversities. We are specifically focusing on helping women and representatives of minority group to work through their personal and organizational blocks to their growth as leaders.

Talent resource is developed in organizations for the current and future use through a comprehensive program based competencies by identifying and nurturing key talent.

Leadership work involves developing a leadership vision and helping to develop mid-level leadership within the organization. Psychological tools and leadership profiling instruments are used in this process.

To create environment that encourages diversity of people and diversity of thoughts in leaders we undertake special programs as well as leadership coaching on the basis of need.