About us

"Potential is a priceless treasure, like gold. All of us have gold hidden within, but we have to dig to get it out." - Joyce Meyer

In Posse was founded in year 2012, It helps organisations and Individuals find their unique potentials as also realise them and achieve their purpose in life.

We believe in active engagement and experimentation - in every moment as it unfolds.

Tailor made program designs based on the expressed and experienced needs to individuals and organisations is our identity and niche.

Coaching, mentoring and training with young adults, executives, senior managers, organisational leaders, diversity and Inclusion and people’s transformation is our pride areas of engagement.

All of us understand life at a cognitive level, but to move beyond knowledge and information and bring it into one’s experience, touching the essence of it all, brings about concrete transformation.

By creating opportunities for people to explore themselves and connect with their own life giving forces and resources. We encourage them to tap, potential within them and live up to the philosophy of ‘possibilities aplenty’.

We build our work with strong values of Respect, Equality, Equity, Joy, Sharing, Collaborations, Humanity, and Nurturance.

‘In Posse’ focuses all its work towards facilitating clients to reach their desired results, which mainly falls in following key areas:
  • Performance Effectiveness
  • Healthy Relationships at personal and professional end
  • Peace of Mind/ wellness
  • Heathy Organisations

The value our clients receive partnering with us is:
  • We deliver the tangible and the intangible.
  • We deliver what we are paid for and we also build capacities of individuals and organizations for them to be self-sufficient to great extent.
  • We aim towards sustained transformations.
  • We co-create and collaborate in conceptualizing, diagnosing, designing, interventions and reviewing the impacts.
  • We bring together the disciplines of social sensitivity, applied behavioural science, psychology and positive intelligence based on years of practice and experience.
Archana Shrivastava
Founder Director and Principal Consultant

A ‘Behaviour Science Professional’ engages with individuals, groups and organisations for Change Management through Organisational Development, Trainings and Coaching/ Mentoring. Specifically, soft skill Training, human process sensitivity, leadership development, team-building training etc . She has been conducting personal growth and sensitivity training for managers and senior officials of organizations.

Have been working closely with people in development sector for over 30 years, focusing on transforming capacities of different groups of people such as: children, women, persons with disabilities, disaster victims etc., following a rights-based approach. The activities include sensitization, training, policy-advocacy, networking, lobbying and demonstrating direct interventions. Currently key engagement in development sector is through Coaching and Mentoring of senior managers towards change management and also through review and monitoring of projects.

Facilitates processes for “diversity and inclusion” in organisations focusing on gender, disability etc. This includes sensitisation, training, inquiries under Sexual Harassment for Women at Work place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) (POSH) Act 2013. She also represents as external member in the “Internal Committee” of few organisations under this Act.

A post graduate in Social Work and Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology from M S University, Baroda. Have been accredited by “Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS)” as process facilitator for human interactions. A professional member and held various roles in governing board such as: regional coordinator (Gujarat), Dean, program, Dean, Social development and Director, Community Process Facilitation Program of ISABS. (Visit www.isabs.org for details).

A professional member of NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Science, USA. Visit www.ntl.org for details. She is accredited as “Professional Coach for Transformation” by “Leadership That Works, USA”. One of the founder members of The Appreciative Inquirers Network (TAPIN), please visit www.tapin.in for more details. A core group member of The Access Group (TAG) instrumental in facilitating processes for universal and inclusive design, mainly towards ensuring inclusion of people with disabilities in all development processes.

A member of governing board and treasurer of YUVA, Mumbai (a development organization in India). Is also a member of governing board of SAHAJ trust (a development organization) in Vadodara. Performed leadership role in AATAPI SEVA FOUNDATION, a not for profit company engaged in rural development in Jambusar Block, Bharuch district (2015 – 2018)

A mental fitness coaching based on Positive Intelligence, A certified ‘Life Coach’ by LTW, USA, Certified in ECR and ECR 360 program on “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership” by RocheMartin and Potentia and also certified in “Appreciative Coaching” by Fielding University.

Vinali Doshi
Co-founder and consultant

Vinali Doshi is a Practicing Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist since 2016 and is currently based out of Vadodara. She approaches the work as a blend of quantum physics and the healing arts. Her vision is to create a bridge between alternative medicine and contemporary healthcare.

A product of many learning and working spheres, the common denominator has been learning to watch the journey of intangibles come alive. A decade full of experiments with introspection have led her into learnings of self-regulation and co-regulation as being keys to wellbeing, which she now facilitates for individuals and groups.

As a facilitator she engages with individuals and organisations in creating experiences bringing alignment and harmony and has explored and contributed in the areas of whole school transformation, leadership, resilience, visioning, core values, holistic wellbeing.

She is also certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and integrates the process of transformational coaching with her treatment sessions; assisting a change of perspective from a pathology to a resourceful worldview.

A lifelong student of human being’s dance to the music of wholeness, she thinks in embryology, writes in poetry, paints in mandalas and meditates on her dream of the world as one big empathetic civilisation.

We associate and collaborate with individual consultants and consulting firms on the basis of required resources for the effective service delivery to our clients.