Personal and professional transformation

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Personal and professional transformation

Transformation can appear magical, like the emergence of a butterfly from a cocoon. But when we look deeper, we see very definite patterns, which are repeatable if not predictable. These patterns are what make transformation more of an art than a science. It is our source of pride to engage in the art of unfolding process of transformation for people and the organization.

People’s transformation is continuous process, adding values, gaining energy, growing personally and professionally. We believe that eventually, it is individuals who bring about largescale transformation in groups, organisations and society. We work with people to help them see value and the possibility for transformation in themselves.

Our personal transformation practice has following offerings:
  1. Transformational coaching
  2. Process work/sensitivity training in groups
  3. Team building/development
  4. Jharokha – coaching program specifically designed for young adults

Personal and professional transformation involves working with patterns of behaviour, quality of interactions, challenges etc through an experiential laboratory or program designs that create experiences for introspection, reflection and learning. Transformative coaching process is other means of achieving the same.

We facilitate group/team development program to surface different aspects of personality which are not at the conscious level. Team dynamics and behaviour is also strengthened by engaging leaders in the organisations towards enhancing their awareness of existing strengths and resources in teams.