Organization Development

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Organization Development

At ‘In Posse’, we believe that organizations are organic, living systems that are continuously changing. Organisational Development creates a constant patters of improvement in which strategies are developed, evaluated, implemented and accessed for results and quality. Leveraging and celebrating diversity is a major breakthrough to transforming organizations of today for tomorrow.

We collaborate with organizations to plan, design and implement programs that improve performance, build capabilities and sustain behavioural change in long run.

Appreciative Inquiry is used as a methodology to dig into their strengths focusing on the positive well-being of the organisation. Organisation creates the energy to focus on its purpose and generate alignment with strengths and gradual growth.

Our offerings in the OD includes the following:
  1. Developing vision, mission and values
  2. Culture building
  3. Strategy, systems and structures
  4. Facilitation of Employee engagement initiatives

We significantly work around clarifying and developing organizational vision, mission and values. And also ensuring that it is inseminated and cascaded in the organisation.

We engaged to work with organizations to develop a shared vision, articulate a culture for change and design the strategy and structure for the future. We believe strongly and facilitate Employee Engagement in the organisation for all key processes.

In most of our OD work, we use tools like Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry etc.