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DAKSH – Mentoring for Development

In Posse – Possibilities aplenty, Vadodara along with Changeworks, Mumbai (www.changeworksindia.org) is pleased to offer “DAKSH – Mentoring for Development” specially designed for organizations in development sector.

Mentoring comes from the Greek word meaning “enduring” -is defined as a sustained relationship between a Mentor and Mentee. It is thus a development-oriented initiative. In a broad sense, a mentor is someone who takes special interest in helping another person (mentee) develop into a successful individual. Through continued involvement the Mentor offers support and guidance as the Mentee faces new challenges, or address existing ones to enable the personal or professional growth of the mentee. This role is also very rewarding to the mentor, as besides the joy and satisfaction of contributing to someone’s growth, the mentor also grows and learns in the process.

We all have had some formal and/or informal mentors who supported and guided and held us at various points of our lives. The corporate sector has recognised the value of this role and has formalised it within the organisation many years ago. Some of the proactive development organisations also adapted this form of transformation and development. Gradually the need of mentorship is picking up in all sectors. We have facilitated and supported mentorship development in many organisations and in our individual roles. We believe there is a need to make this a formal and systematic process of developing mentors, for development organisations to integrate in their theory of change.

We have had success with this and few examples are being cited here:
  1. Training grass-root level women leaders in remote places in Bihar to be mentors. They are now mentoring other women of their villages to address issues of domestic violence and gender discrimination.
  2. A disabled people’s organisation (DPO) in Gujarat adapted mentorship in order to build leaders in disability sector to lead their issues and challenges for change. After 15 + years of this intervention, you can still find hundreds of those leaders contributing in their areas of work, reaching out many more people with disabilities in need.
  3. Training field officers and staffs of a Mumbai based organisation with operations in 5 states of India. They are committed to support and guide young adults, who are just out from institutional care towards reintegrating them back in society with their dignity and human rights.

We are extending this offers as opportunity to other development organisations. This can mean mentoring junior staff within the organisation, or training community members to be mentors in the field.

The program is named as Daksh – Mentoring for Development. The well thought-out design is spread over five modules and 10 sessions. It is aimed to build knowledge, attitude, perspective and competencies of mentors. The program includes a mix of conceptual and experiential method of learning to ensure a high engagement of the participants and build ownership to the process of mentoring.


We believe we are best suited for this program as we bring on table expertise of knowledge, perspective and foundation of social change and behaviour change together to make it context appropriate. We are consultants with 30 years plus experience in social and corporate sector, Applied Behaviour Sicence, as well as change management in organisations. The consultants have been founder members of organisations, NGO’s and have held leadership positions navigating the growth of the organisation and it’s people successfully. To name few we have a rich resource pool:

Organizations wanting to create such quality mentors for enhancing lives of identified target populations, may like to approach us for the program DAKSH. The said program will be suitably modified for the needs of the organizations.

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