Social Change Facilitation

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Social Change Facilitation

Have been working closely with people in development sector for over 30 years, focusing on transforming capacities of different groups of people such as: children, women, persons with disabilities, disaster victims etc., following a rights-based approach. The activities include sensitization, training, policy-advocacy, networking, lobbying and demonstrating direct interventions.

Currently key engagement in development sector is through Coaching and Mentoring of senior managers towards change management, facilitation of Organisational Development processes, conducting soft skill trainings and Issue based training and also through review and monitoring of projects.

Our offerings in area of Social Change Facilitation includes:
  1. Training, OD, Coaching, Mentoring and facilitation of leadership, team building, change management and effectiveness.
  2. Rights based approach into training and policy influence
  3. Reviews and evaluations of projects and programs
  4. Qualitative research and action based studies
  5. Developing and supporting programs under corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

We undertake training and facilitative processes towards advocacy and policy influence for the rights of various vulnerable groups such as: Children, women, young adults, persons with disabilities, representatives of sexual minorities, disaster survivors and other marginalized groups.

Some of the areas of interventions are: Comprehensive and Inclusive development, disaster risk reduction, participatory and qualitative research, reviews and evaluations.

We specifically support NGOs as well as Corporate bodies to develop, design, execute programs towards chanelising resources (financial, material and human) for social development under Corporate social responsibilities (CSR)