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Jharokha(झरोखा) - a window to insights and connections

In posse – Possibilities aplenty, a consulting organization is offering a coaching program for students, parents, teachers and other significant adults in lives of children and youth called “Jharokha – a window to insights and connections”.

“Jharokha” is an opportunity for young people to engage in insightful interaction with professional Coach (coach) to seek clarity and effectiveness in life. It is a life coaching program, meant for students (above 14 years of age), parents, teachers and others who are seeking more from self...

“Coaching” - is a process of partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative dialogue that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching today is a cultural shift from pathology world view to resourceful world view.., where coaches and clients work together from a foundation of resourcefulness – collaborating as partners to explore opportunities and identify appropriate resources to create an exciting future based on awareness and action. It is world changing as well as life changing work, and is mostly been satisfying experience for both clients as well as for the coach.

These are “life coaching” which is more developmental in nature, not necessarily clinical and does not always focus on problem solving. Which means clients may not have major issues or problems in their life, however these sessions provide them with opportunity to move to next levels of their effectiveness. They have opportunity to choose in every session what issues/agenda is alive to them and what they would like to be coached on.

To mention few in line, topics could be: competencies, leadership, interpersonal relationships, effectiveness, decision making, conflicts, self-image, self-worth, self-authority, gender relations, power relations etc etc.

Mode of coaching: Is usually, one to one sessions, can be done by phone, skype, zoom or in person... depending on feasibility and/or choices... we are open to any means that client chooses comfortably. Occasionally, if required, group sessions are also facilitated. Usually the duration of session is of 45 – 60 minutes.  The number of sessions may vary from 6 – 10 or more and it depends on what life topic/s clients are choosing to work on.

How to get started: When you take decision, of taking the services of Jharokha for your insights and discoveries through coaching sessions, please connect and communicate with us through email or phone and we will connect back to work out other logistics, schedule and processes.